School Field Trips

Teatown offers a variety of programs for both pre-school and school-aged students, specifically designed to instill in learners a love for their local environment, positive attitudes toward conservation, and a sense of personal and civic responsibility.

By centering our programs in science or social studies content that aligns with NYS learning standards, we address students’ academic needs while furthering our mission of cultivating future environmental stewards.Our programs are designed for specific grade levels. While teachers are not limited to selecting programs intended for their students’ grade level, they will usually find them to be the most developmentally and academically appropriate.

Programs are 90 minutes long unless otherwise stated.

Educational Programs:

  • Are hands-on, inquiry based and developmentally-appropriate
  • Taught in a small group format, with an instructor:student ratio of 1:12
  • Connect Common Core, NYS Science Standards and STEM principles through real life experience
  • Develop environmental awareness, understanding and engagement and promote environmental action

Educational Outcomes
Our programs are designed to achieve at least one of the following outcomes:


  • Care (develop empathy) for the habitats and wildlife that surround us
  • Develop a sense of the environmental issues that affect our world
  • Forge connections to nature

Understanding and Skills

  • Understand the functioning of and interrelationships (interconnectedness) of natural systems
  • Understand the role humans play in these systems, and the complexity and dynamics of these relationships
  • Develop the skills to become better stewards or advocates of the environment and be able to make sound environmental decisions


  • Students will become more engaged in environmental issues and take action to become better stewards of the environment


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Remote Learning Opportunities

Programs listed with an asterisk have remote learning opportunities available.

For more information, including availability and pricing, please contact:

Director of Education Phyllis Bock
914-762-2912 ext. 135 


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