Our mission is to inspire our community to lifelong environmental stewardship.

Teatown is a nonprofit nature preserve and environmental education center in the Lower Hudson Valley, with 15 miles of hiking trails, a two-acre island refuge for over 230 species of native wildflowers, year-round programming, wildlife exhibits, and natural science day camps in the summer and school breaks.


acres of land managed and protected.


miles of scenic hiking trails open to the public year-round.


individuals reached by our environmental education programs last year.

Our work

Environmental education is the foundation of our impact. Our goal is to instill a love of the environment, positive attitudes toward conservation and environmental protection and a sense of personal and civic responsibility.
Science and Stewardship

At 1,000 acres, Teatown is the largest privately held nature preserve in Westchester. Our aim is to conserve open space for generations to come through science-based stewardship initiatives that protect habitats, biodiversity, and the ecosystem services we depend upon.


Take a hike, join a program, visit Teatown’s resident Animal Ambassadors, shop at the nature store, or schedule a tour to Wildflower Island.

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Teatown’s History

Why are we called Teatown? When was Teatown founded? Find out more about our 50+ year history.

Fact Sheet

Learn more about the specifics of our impact.


Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle

Teatown has a funny way of luring people back. As an educational organization, we pride ourselves on inspiring children, teens, and young adults to be the environmental stewards of the future.

Bats of Westchester

Bats of Westchester

Have you looked into the twilight sky and seen the quick, agile silhouettes of bats in flight? For some it can be frightening to see bats nearby, but take heart that these amazing little hunters use their keen eyesight and powerful echolocation to find prey and stay away from humans! While there are 1,400 species of bats in the world, only 9 call New York home. Do you know your bat neighbors?