Nature in the Classroom

It is possible for Teatown educators to come to your school. To schedule an on-site program, call 914-762-2912 ext. 131. The following programs may be taught at your location.

Meet the Animals – Pre K – Grade 5

Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, oh my! We share the world with a variety of unique and fascinating creatures. In this dynamic program, the fundamentals of animal classification and adaptation are discussed using mounts and live animals from Teatown’s collection. Students are given the opportunity to touch the animals presented to help develop respect and understanding of animal life (60 minutes). NYS Science Standard: 1, 4.

Birds of Prey – Grades 3 – 5

Take flight and soar, as we take a close look at the amazing adaptations that make raptors successful hunters. The specialized use of talons and beaks, wing design and acute eyesight and hearing, in addition to the principles of flight will be demonstrated. With the use of costumes and role-playing, students will learn about a bird’s unique anatomy and a raptor’s specialized adaptations. The program will conclude with a visit from Teatown’s resident hawks and owls (60 or 90 minutes). NYS Science Standard: 4.

Hudson Valley Wildlife – Grades 3 – 5

What’s living in your backyard? Live animals, mounts, furs and bones will be used in this lively program about the species found in Hudson Hills and Highlands region. Concepts such as biodiversity, population dynamics, habitat fragmentation and conservation will be covered through an interactive game and hike. We will conclude the program with a mock town meeting that addresses a wildlife conservation issue facing Westchester County (60 or 90 minutes). NYS Science Standard: 4, 6, 7; NYS Social Studies Standard: 5; NYS ELS Standard: 3, 4.


$350 for a 60-minute program/class
$375 for a 90-minute program/class
$100 per each additional program

Additional travel expenses may apply.
Programs can be altered to meet the special needs of your class, or be tailored to fit into a special event.


Cancellations within two weeks of program forfeit deposit. Most of Teatown’s programs are rain or shine, but if the weather is particularly bad, we will make an effort to reschedule. We reserve the right to cancel or continue programs in inclement weather. Please call (914) 762-2912, ext. 110 to verify our decision.