For five decades, Teatown has been dedicated to environmental education and natural habitat conservation and restoration.

Today, we continue to engage our community and conserve nature through science, education and action.

Featured Initiatives

Wildflower Woods

Teatown’s Wildflower Woods (WFW) is an ambitious forest restoration project that began in 2010 with the goal to teach visitors and school groups, in a scientific manner, about healthy forests.


The meadows at Cliffdale provide unique habitat for a variety of organisms such as butterflies, bees, birds, grasses, wildflowers and many more. Meadows are less common now than they were a century ago. Teatown is actively managing the meadows to encourage the growth of certain plants and control invasive species.

Wildflower Island

The two-acre Wildflower Island is a refuge within the greater Teatown preserve. This unique sanctuary is home to over 230 native and endangered species of wildflowers. The Island’s flora is unusually diverse; the surrounding lake provides favorable light and moisture, as well as isolation from the disturbances of people and animals.