Our science and stewardship mission is to conserve our region’s biodiversity, while creating an environment for exceptional educational opportunities.

Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth, including plants, animals and microorganisms.

To keep our ecosystems healthy, we must commit to supporting the plants, animals, and other organisms that call them home.

Our preserve’s greatest threats

  • Overpopulated deer

    threaten the future of our forests

  • Invasive Species

    displace native populations of plants and animals

  • Chemical runoff

    alters wetland ecosystems and quickens lake fill-in

  • Climate change

    shifts natural cycles on both global and local scales

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Habitat protection & restoration

Learn more about what we do to improve the quality of our habitats to support biodiversity.

Wildlife management

Discover how our research is used to maintain wildlife and protect the future of our forests.

Research & Monitoring

At Teatown, our science research influences our stewardship work.

Regional Collaboration

We understand that partnership is key to a sustainable future. Learn more about our partnerships with local organizations.


Major Changes Announced for the Endangered Species Act

Major Changes Announced for the Endangered Species Act

Political debates aside, the Endangered Species Act is a lifeline for imperiled species and has been over 99% effective at preventing extinction. Teatown is proud to support the ESA and the vital protections it has provided to species like the bald eagle, whose recovery we celebrate each year at EagleFest. Removing environmental defenses to encourage economy over ecology will accelerate the harmful effects of anthropomorphic climate change and is contrary to the spirit of scientific conservation.