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Support Teatown’s mission to inspire our community to lifelong environmental stewardship while enjoying member benefits.

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Help fund conservation for 1,000 acres of precious forests, lakes, streams, meadows, swamps, and the diverse wildlife that inhabit them.

Inspire 20,000 people a year

Support environmental education programs that reach and inspire 20,000 adults and children every year.

Fund our animal ambassadors

Help us shelter and care for Teatown’s animal ambassadors, including Blaze the red-tailed hawk, Batman the rabbit, and Cakers the diamondback terrapin.

Member Benefits

  • Park free of charge at Teatown
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  • Early and discounted summer camp registrations (family member-ship level and up)
  • Eligible to book a naturalist led children’s birthday party (Family Membership and up)
  • Free admission and/or shop discount at Nature Centers across the country
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