Frequently asked questions

How and when do I receive my membership card?

New members will receive a new membership card and packet within approximately two weeks from the purchase date. If sent via mail, it will be as of the date received at Teatown.

Renewing members will receive a letter and membership card within approximately two weeks of the date renewed. If sent via mail, it will be as of the date the renewal was received at Teatown.

Do I need a member parking pass to park for free? How do I obtain my member parking pass?

Yes, you need a member parking pass to park for free. You may pick up your member parking pass in the Visitor Center which is open 9am – 5pm, seven days a week with the exception of major holidays.

As a new member at a premium level I am entitled to one market bag and/or a t-shirt(s). How do I go about getting the item(s)?

There will be a voucher for the item(s) included with your new membership packet. These vouchers may be redeemed in our gift shop. Vouchers must be presented to the staff person.

As a premium member, new or renewing, I am entitled to guest parking pass vouchers. How do I go about getting these?

The guest parking pass voucher(s) will be included in your new member packet or renewal letter if you are a renewing member.

How do I receive a discount on purchases in Teatown’s gift shop?

At the time of purchase, please present your membership card to the staff person. The person will then apply the appropriate discount to your purchase.

If my membership level includes a free ticket(s) to a Teatown event(s) — EagleFest and/or PlantFest, how do I go about getting my ticket(s)?

Please call Millie Dellaquila at 762-2912 ext. 111 to claim your free ticket(s) and place your name on the ticket list. There are no paper tickets involved. Ticket registration
begins one month prior to the event. You must register no later than one week prior to the event.