Adopt an Animal

When you adopt one of Teatown’s Animal Ambassadors, you are providing funds that will be used to care for that animal—including nutritious food, well-maintained enclosures, enrichment, and veterinary care.

In recognition of your contribution, you will receive the following:

  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A large color photograph of your animal
  • Information about your animal
  • Animal finger puppet
  • Animal Ambassador Coloring Book (with adoptions of $50 or above)

Lily the Snapping Turtle

Adopt for $30

Lily was hit by a car and left on the side of the road for four days before receiving help. This left her unable to swim in deep water and therefore unable to return to the wild. She came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator, and now teaches the public about these amazing modern day dinosaurs.

Cakers the Diamondback Terrapin

Adopt for $30

Cakers lived with a well-meaning family for many years after being picked up as a hatchling from the wild which, as the family found out, is illegal. To make things right they searched for a home where Cakers would be able to teach people about her unique species. Due to being imprinted on humans she cannot be released. She is best known for splashing in greeting when you approach her tank, following fingers, and interacting with everyone who comes to visit.

Merle, Moe, and All the Crows

Adopt for $75

Merle and Moe have similar stories even though they are not from the same place. Both were found as fledglings with injuries that would make them non-releasable. Since they were young their rehabilitators made sure to expose them to both humans and crows so they would make great ambassadors. Merle has quite the fan club of regular visitors and is best known for mimicking “Oh hello! It’s a crow!” to everyone! Moe can often be heard chuckling and making a lot of fun noises that he learned from his time at the wildlife center. He loves chilling with his other crow friends, Morticia and Mojojo.

The Ferret Business

Adopt for $50

Who knew a group of ferrets was called a business!? All of our ferrets have very different personalities but they have one thing in common: their original owners were not prepared for them.

Adorable Jiminy was found in a yard in pretty rough shape and was never claimed.

Jiminy enjoys meeting the public and teaching about his wild cousins, weasels! When not working he loves to run, jump, and play. He even walks on a harness! Stashing toys and sometimes staff’s possessions are also a favorite pastime of this fun little friend.

Batman and Beatrice the Rabbits

Adopt for $50

Batman the superhero may fight crime on his own but our Batman has a sassy sidekick in Beatrice. Batman and Beatrice are a brother-and-sister duo who found themselves in need of a home as babies when their mom’s owner could not care for the litter. Lucky for us, we were able to adopt them! They are spayed and neutered (no unwanted litters here!) and can often be seen cuddling or jumping around in play when they are not teaching kids about their cousins, the cottontails.

Ralph the Turkey Vulture

Adopt for $75

Ralph was injured as a young vulture which made him a perfect candidate for becoming a wildlife ambassador. When Ralph isn’t working with his trainers he is usually curiously watching his owl neighbors, sunning, or enjoying some enrichment activities. Since Ralph is not as timid as other vultures around people, we get to see just how smart and clever vultures really are. He keeps his trainers on their toes by quickly figuring out puzzles and even the zipper on his travel carrier!

Orion the Great Horned Owl

Adopt for $75

Orion was found in Maryland with an injury to one wing. Unfortunately the wing was beyond repair, and required amputation at the wing-tip, rendering him flightless. Thanks to his calm demeanor around people, he is a wonderful ambassador.

Hazel the Eastern Chipmunk

Adopt for $50

Hazel was found as an orphaned kit with her eyes still closed. Being so young meant she needed to be brought to a rehabilitator to survive. Even with the most careful care, she never developed the healthy fear of humans to allow her to be safely released into the wild. Hazel spends her days entertaining staff and visitors alike with her busy schedule of digging burrows, caching food, and interacting with anyone who stops by. Hazel is quite smart and enjoys enrichment, exploring new branches, and eating delicious bugs! 

Vega the Bald Eagle

Adopt for $125

Vega was found in Unadilla, New York with a broken wing and lead poisoning. Despite orthopedic surgery, lead treatments, and physical therapy, she just can’t get enough lift off the ground to fly well and be released. Vega is a big female Bald Eagle, weighing about 10 lbs, which makes her our biggest bird here at Teatown! Vega is a younger eagle, which made her a great addition to our raptor loop. She adjusted easily to the ambassador life. She enjoys flipping her water bowl and vocalizing at her trainers at feeding time.