Adopt an Animal

When you adopt one of Teatown’s Animal Ambassadors, you are providing funds that will be used to care for that animal including nutritious food, well maintained enclosures, enrichment, and veterinary care.

In recognition of your contribution, you will receive the following:

  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A large color photograph of your animal
  • Information about your animal
  • Animal finger puppet
  • Animal Ambassador Coloring Book (with adoptions of $50 or above)


Adopt for $25

Lily was hit by a car and left on the side of the road for four days before receiving help. This left her unable to swim in deep water and therefore unable to return to the wild. She came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator and teaches the public about these amazing modern day dinosaurs.


Adopt for $25

Pip was originally found by a family in their flower bed after she was hit by a car. They quickly found a local wildlife rehabilitator to get her help. Although her broken pelvis healed, head trauma caused Pip to lose her normal fear of humans. Since she is non-releasable, she has found a home at Teatown.


Adopt for $25

Merle was found as a fledgling with permanent injuries, and quickly became imprinted on his rescuers. Merle now thinks people and crows are one and the same. Sadly, imprinted birds stand little chance in the wild. Merle has been an educational ambassador since December of 2009 and often greets visitors with an “Oh hello! It’s a crow!”

Rhonda Weasley

Adopt for $50

Rhonda is a rescue who came to Teatown when her owners could no longer care for her. She easily integrated with our other ferrets. Teatown’s ferret ambassadors are often used to teach the public about their wild native cousins the weasel and otter.


Adopt for $50

Nova arrived to Teatown in March 2011 at an estimated 2 years of age. She was found with a wing and eye injury; although her eye healed well, her wing injury is such that she cannot fly well enough for release to the wild. She is an exceptionally beautiful young Barred Owl, which earned her the name “Nova” when she arrived, meaning “new young star.”


Adopt for $50

Vesta was found by a volunteer fireman on a sidewalk in the Bronx and brought to the Bronx Zoo wildlife clinic in July 2007. Her injuries resulted in an irreparable break to her left wing. In honor of her rescuer and her reddish color, she was named Vesta meaning “Goddess of fire.”


Adopt for $75

Rusty, a red-tailed hawk was found outside the Bronx zoo with a fracture to his right wing most likely from a car collision. He recovered at the zoo’s wildlife clinic with permanent wing damage and as a result cannot fly more than short distances. Now he enjoys his days at Teatown educating the public and eating his meals on his handler’s glove.


Adopt for $75

Orion was found in Maryland with an injury to one wing. Unfortunately the wing was beyond repair, and required amputation at the wing-tip, rendering him flightless. Due to his calm demeanor around people, he is a wonderful ambassador.


Adopt for $100

Gryphon was found in Maryland in December 2002 by hunters who took her to the Baltimore Zoo. Upon examination, they found an old injury to her left wing and vision problems in her right eye. Now she lives at Teatown and helps us educate the public about the importance of protecting bald eagles and their habitat.