Regional Collaboration

Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA)

EMMA is a network of scientists, land managers and conservationists who are dedicated to developing a regionally coordinated monitoring network to inform our management and conservation work. EMMA has several long term monitoring projects to study the impacts of overabundant deer, invasive species, climate change, and habitat fragmentation. This alliance was founded by Teatown in 2013 through a grant from the Land Trust Alliance to develop a standardized environmental monitoring program for the Hudson Valley, allowing research to be easily compared throughout the area.

Learn more about EMMA by visiting their website.


Teatown is proud to be a partner of PRISM. The Lower Hudson PRISM is one of eight regional partnerships in New York that were created to address threats posed by invasive species across the State. PRISM partners are involved with a variety of tasks concerning invasive species, including, but not limited to planning regional management activities, prevention programs, monitoring and mapping of infestations, education, research, and recruiting and training volunteers. Teatown has been a signed partner since September 2014.PRISMs are funded by the Department of Environmental Conservation through the Environmental Protection Fund. For more information about the Lower Hudson PRISM, click here.

Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance (ELLA)

Launched in 2007 and funded through generous grants, ELLA (Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance) is a group of leaders from 31 towns and villages across the lower Hudson Valley. These town-appointed volunteers serve as advisors to town councils, planning boards, and zoning commissions on critical land use decisions and other important environmental matters.

ELLA’s training programs have included site plan interpretation, stormwater management, conservation planning, and biodiversity issues. By educating community leaders, Teatown hopes more regional decisions will be environmentally informed. For more information or to become involved in our growing public program, please visit ELLA’s website.

Teatown is currently working towards reinvigorating ELLA in order to meet the current needs of public leaders dealing with environmental issues in their communities through training, communication, and collaboration. For more information, contact Kevin Carter at