Habitat Protection and Restoration

Healthy habitats are critical to biodiversity. Learn more about our initiatives below.

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Invasive Species Management

Invasive species are organisms introduced to a location outside their historic range that disrupt an area’s natural environment.

Meadow Restoration

Restored meadows help increase our bird, insect and small mammal diversity by providing early successional habitat that is rare in our region.

Wildflower Woods

This unique woodland restoration area is fenced to exclude white-tailed deer, improving native plant survival, growth, and reproduction.

Wildflower Island

The two-acre island located within Teatown Lake is home to over 230 native species of wildflowers and other rare plants. Its isolation protects against deer herbivory and the spread of invasive species, conserving the most biodiverse area on the preserve. This ecological relic represents what our forests used to look like more than 100 years ago. Take a tour to learn more.