Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

An exciting development for Teatown’s Conservation Science program is a new partnership with Pace University that began in 2015 and expanded in 2016. Teatown launched a new field-based ecology course, “Natural History of the Hudson Valley”, for Pace undergraduate and graduate students.  The course focuses on developing practical skills in plant and habitat identification, GPS navigation and ecological sampling techniques.  The course culminates in a habitat identification practical where students visit a section of our preserve and independently map habitats and identify dominant vegetation.  Students who successfully complete this course are then eligible for internships at local environmental organizations.

Student feedback on the course:

“It felt great to finally get outside and experience what I learned about in the classroom.”

“I see the world differently now that I know what exists (out there) and why”.

“Best course I have taken. PACE needs more “hands on” experience”

“This course has changed the way I view the natural world, for the better!”