Animal Ambassador Virtual Visits

Have Zoom meetings become the way of life for your organization? Teatown has the perfect solution to bring a bit of “edu”tainment to your next meeting – a visit from one of our Teatown Animal Ambassadors.

For a modest fee, we will happily send one of our star ambassadors and handler to your online meeting, drop into your classroom for a special end-of-year treat, or hang out with folks at a family gathering. We’ll keep it short, 10 – 20 minutes and provide interesting facts about the animal you choose.

Our Animal Ambassadors are geared up and ready to pop into your next event! Choose from the following perky creatures:


Need some sage advice? Our wise barred owl can help! She is willing to stare down the opposition and provide unblinking agreement to any decision. A $50 donation keeps Nova supplied with frozen rats (defrosted before she eats them) for one month. In a 10 minute presentation you’ll learn interesting facts about owl behavior at the top of the forest food web.


Are the vultures circling? Ralph our star Turkey Vulture would be happy to make an appearance in all of his feathered glory. A $75 donation brings a 20 minute presentation to your event, complete with details about a vulture’s peculiar habits and role as an essential worker. Your donation keeps Ralph fed for two weeks.

Sign up

To sign up for your next “Virtual Visit” contact Emily Edmonds-Langham, Teatown’s Director of Education, at Please include the date and time of your meeting, and which animal you would like to join.