‘Wolf Eyes’ kousa dogwood


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Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’

This older variegated selection holds up well in many landscape conditions. In the full sun, the foliage does not burn, but the leaves do become creased along the midrib and develop a wavy margin. In the shade, the leaves remain flat, and the white margins of the leaves is sure to draw attention. In the fall, the foliage acquires a pink cast. This slow growing, rather shrubby tree will reach 5’ tall and 7’ wide in a decade.

Size at maturity: 12-15′ tall and and 10-12′ wide.

Site Selection: Ideally full-sun or light shade. Adaptable to a range or soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Prefers a pH of around 6.5

Zone hardiness, Pests, & Diseases: Hardy to USDA zone 5-9. Pest and disease free.