Teatown Lake Dredge Project

What is Dredging?

The process of removing excess sediment from a body of water using a machine called a dredge.

This is an effective solution used in many lakes to manage the impact of natural sedimentation. Dredging increases the longevity of a waterbody and will have many benefits to Teatown Lake:

Restoration of open water is paramount to protect Wildflower Island
Improvement of habitat for aquatic plants and wildlife
Eradication of deep-rooted, aggressive plants to improve biodiversity
Increased water depth and lake water quality

Teatown Lake is an asset to the preserve and community.

Our 100-year-old human-made lake requires dredging to preserve the longevity of the lake.

The information session covers:

A presentation from Dr. Danielle Begley-Miller, our Director of Science and Stewardship
Geotube placement and use—the preferred DEC method for handling lake sediments
Implementation timeline and details
Q & A session