In the Nature Center Gallery:

Join us in the Nature Center for a reception with the artist, Donna Sharrett on Sunday, October 4 from 3 pm - 5 pm!

Donna Sharrett's work has been widely exhibited including a solo exhibition at the Everson Museum in Syracuse.  Sharrett's Teatown exhibition will include her sculptural collage work and photography of spider webs found in her garden.  Spider webs have long been referenced in Sharrett's work as homage to these amazing ephemeral objects which she considers the maser fiber works.  Her art will be on display in the Nature Center from October 1 - 31.

Featured Programs:  Join Us for Bat Week!

Bats around the world battle extinction. Millions die each year from human impact or are simply forced from their homes.   Teatown is participating in BAT WEEK to bring awareness to bats and conservation efforts to protect them.

Bats in Peril 

Thursday, October 29, 7:00 pm

Bats are amazing mammals that help keep insect populations in check.  Sadly New York's bat populations are in a critical state of decline due to white-nose syndrome.  Come learn all about the curious and often misunderstood world of nocturnal insect-eating bats, and what present-day challenges they face.  Learn why we should all care about a future without these important little creatures. 

Build a Bat House

Saturday, October 31, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Bothered by pesky insects in your backyard every  summer?  Bats are nature's insect control mechanism, swooping in the air to eat mosquitos and other flying insects.  They are also plant pollinators and seed dispersers, promoting biodiversity.  Be a friend to bats by building a bat house and join a national conservation effort to save these critically threatened animals.   Additional material fee:  $45/box/one per family.

Registration is required for all programs.  Unless otherwise noted, all programs meet in the Nature Center and are $7 per person or FREE for members.



An Update on The Croft:

An Update on the September 30, 2015 deadline for submissions for the Croft:

The Board of Directors of Teatown has decided to defer a final decision on the future of the Croft pending Teatown’s completion of a capital needs and resources assessment currently underway.

Upcoming Events

  • Crafty Invasives


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Children 6 and up accompanied by an adult

    Invasive plants are detrimental to our meadows and forests but there can be an upside too!  Using invasive plants like bittersweet and common reed we will create dreamcatchers, woven mats, and more.  Learn how to identify these invasive species and create something beautiful too!  Meet at Cliffdale Farm.

  • Growing Beyond Organic!


    10:00 am

    Tour a small local vegetable farm with Farmer Mike of Nourishing Farms at Teatown's Cliffdale Farm plot.  We'll talk as we walk and learn effective and accessible ecological growing techniques and practices for better plant health and higher nutritional content for humans.   For Adults.

  • Animal Encounters - Super Powers


    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Meet a few of Teatown ambassadors in this program featuring animals that have special adaptations.  All welcome.


Deer Management at Teatown 2015

Information on Teatown’s Deer Management Program 2015 here


Happenings Around Teatown

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  • DISH Employees Volunteer at Teatown on Wildflower Island

    October 2, 2015

    A BIG thank you to DISH for their volunteer service at Teatown last weekend. They assisted us in repairing an area of fence around Wildflower Island which was damaged from a tree downed by beaver. They custom fit wire fencing to add to our existing exclosure and collected large rocks to pin down the sections.

  • Nature Girls Learn about Edible Plants

    August 14, 2015

    Nature Girls campers met with Michael Yokem of Nourishing Farms to learn about wild edible plants.   He spent some time teaching the girls about the identification of edible plants and the various uses of these plants, such as for medicines and teas.  The girls tasted pigweed, a green, leafy, wild spinach and then went foraging to see what they could find.

  • Teacher Training with the Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers

    August 7, 2015

    On July 14, seventeen educators enrolled in the Watershed Agricultural Council's summer teacher training program offered by the Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers (WFIT) visited Teatown.  At Teatown, the teachers met with Education Director, Phyllis Bock and Director of Conservation Science Mike Rubbo to learn about the broad range of programs we offer, from Watershed Education to TESA.  The teachers also learned about Teatown's phenology trail with Hillary Siener, Teatown's Conservation Scientist.