Spring Appeal 2024

Dear Teatown Friends,

Teatown’s mission is “to inspire our community to lifelong environmental stewardship.” The most essential activity in pursuit of our mission is to get people outdoors and immersed in nature! For the last 61 years, we have proudly served as a channel connecting hundreds of thousands of people with the natural world. We agree wholeheartedly with E.O. Wilson that “nature holds the key.” 

As the spring season arrives, we welcome you to join in our excitement. As a community, we experience the renewal and wonder of new life together. The sights and sounds of spring awaken our senses and bring hope. Teatown is an ever-evolving community project – beginning with the protection and management of more than 1,000 acres of open space, becoming accessible through the creation and maintenance of a unique 15-mile trail network, and bringing people of all ages together year-round for a diverse array of educational programs and events.

Teatown exists because it fulfills a deep human need. Teatown is sustained through the support of our community.

We ask for your support this spring to keep Teatown’s 1,000 acres open and ready to welcome you, your family, and your neighbors. Any amount you contribute to our spring appeal is deeply appreciated.

Give your gift today! Your gift directly supports the protection and care of Teatown. It is your place made possible only through your support.

With abundant thanks and gratitude for your support this spring,

Kevin Carter
Executive Director