Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance (ELLA)

Teatown’s dedication to the protection, restoration, and long-term management of our region’s biodiversity is evident in the Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance (ELLA).  Launched in 2007 and funded through generous grants, ELLA is a group of leaders from towns and villages across the lower Hudson Valley.  Members of Conservation Advisory Councils, Conservation Boards, and Open Space Committees are among ELLA’s participants.  These town-appointed volunteers serve as advisors to town councils, planning boards, and zoning commissions on critical land use decisions and other important environmental matters.  To assist community leaders in environmental decision-making and best management practices, ELLA’s training programs have addressed such topics as site plan interpretation, wetlands, stormwater management, conservation planning, effective communication techniques, and biodiversity issues.

For more information, contact Kevin Carter at kcarter@teatown.org or visit www.ellalhv.org.