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Includes 6 varieties (2 each) of any cook’s “essential herbs” to add wonderful fresh flavor to your summer meals.

Perfect for your veggie garden or 1 large pot.

Sal’s Italian Basil

Ocimum basilicum
Large-leafed variety
Height: 20”
Full sun

Sal’s Italian Parsley
Petroselinum crispum
Attracts butterflies
Full sun
Rich moist soil, high nitrogen fertilizer

Rosemary Hill’s Hardy
Rosmarinus officinalis
Zone: 6-10, Full sun
Not deer resistant, rabbit resistant, attracts bees
36-40” tall

Allium schoenoprasum
Zones: 3-10
Full sun
Height: 12-18”
Add to dishes at the very end of the cooking process because their mild flavor is destroyed by heat. The purple flowers of onion chives, which are also edible, float beautifully in soup.

Greek Oregano
Origanum vulgare var. hirtum
Hardy: Zones: 5-9
Full sun to part shade
Height: 8-24”
Dry, well-drained soil
Low humidity
If you want to plant “true” oregano, Greek oregano is the one to plant. Leaves are most flavorful when just about to flower.

French Tarragon
Artemisia dracanculus sativa
Full sun
Zones: 4-7
Height: 18-24”
Dry, well-drained soil
Deer resistant
Tarragon adds flavor and depth to sauces, salads, eggs, soups, fish and poultry dishes.
Flavors similar to anise, licorice, and fennel