Teatown receives grant from Westchester Community Foundation

Teatown receives grant from Westchester Community Foundation

Image: PLAN it WILD’s Amanda Bayley presents a workshop on native planting to 40 community members, funded by WCF last year.

Teatown is proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Westchester Community Foundation. The funds from this grant will be used to revive our Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance program and to continue to educate our community on the critical role of native plants in our landscape.

The Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance

The Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance (ELLA) provides workshops on regional environmental issues for key decision makers in our communities, including members of conservation advisory committees, conservation boards, and other town-appointed groups, as well as a collaborative space for inter-municipal planning. As a result of the grant, ELLA will be launching a brand new website with critical resources to support local sustainability and resilience this September at www.ellalhv.org.

Native Gardening Workshops

We look forward to engaging our community of environmental stewards on the importance of individual action by offering more native plant workshops for home gardens with Amanda Bayley, founder of PLAN it WILD. Westchester, like much of the region, is struggling to combat invasive species that were introduced as ornamental garden plants over the last two hundred years. These workshops will provide the tools to make every home garden a visually stunning native habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.

About the Westchester Community Foundation

This grant was made possible, in part, by the William and Henriette Granville Suhr Fund for the Environment of the Westchester Community Foundation. The Westchester Community Foundation’s mission is to connect generous people to the causes they care about and invest in transformative ideas and organizations to improve lives and strengthen our community. WCF is a division of The New York Community Trust, one of the largest community foundations in the country, with assets of approximately $2.6 billion. Learn more at https://www.wcf-ny.org/.