Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Kupersmith

Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Kupersmith

April/May Volunteer Spotlight

Nancy started at Teatown in 2004 as a volunteer Nature Guide after retiring from teaching English.

Nancy reflects on her six years as a Nature Guide. “I especially liked the maple sap-to-syrup program, much of which happened in the house shown behind me. In Cliffdale Farm’s egg-to-chick program I once discovered a well-fed 8′-long black snake in a hen’s nest. The resident farmer skillfully removed it and took it to the Main House, where it was medically treated and released far from the henhouse. Another time, preparing for children’s arrival to an orienteering program, I stationed myself on a comfortable boulder by the lake, letting myself down by leaning on a sapling that held directional signs. It promptly fell over. I reported it as a “fallen tree” without revealing how it got that way–till now.”

In 2009 Nancy began to travel in the winter and made a switch to become a Wildflower Island Guide. She was placed under the excellent mentorship of Nancy Harrison, and the two have since become good friends. Nancy credits her mentor and the other bloom-listers for 90% of her wildflower knowledge.

Leah Kennell, Wildflower Island Curator says “She impressed us with a presentation her first spring with a charming sharing of flowers in literature. Her interest in telling the stories of flowers and her dedication to study and preparation for the frequent tours she guides make her the ideal candidate to Spotlight for Teatown and Wildflower Island.”

Thank you Nancy.

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