Artist on Display

December & January: Ed Mertz

Ed’s 12 Months of Nature, a gallery show exploring Ed’s love of the outdoors, nature, the environment, diversity, the critters we live with, the changing seasons, and conservation.

The best part? If you love it, you can take it home! A portion of all proceeds will benefit Teatown.


Edward Mertz comes from a family of scientists and engineers. He worked as an engineer for Lockheed Martin. However, outside of work, he has enjoyed a lifetime of being out of doors, hiking through parks and woods, fishing, bird watching, observing all nature, and taking thousands of nature photographs. He much enjoys discovering and observing the diversity of nature and noting the changes through the seasons. He lived much of his life in Flushing, but several years ago moved to Croton, primarily to be closer to nature. Living in Croton, he has spent many hours hiking the parks around the area. With that in mind, he has put together 12 photographs that show the diversity of nature and the change of seasons. Each photograph shows a small piece of time, such as a butterfly in summer, or a hummingbird during its fall migration. He also hopes to share his love of nature and encourage others to enjoy and appreciate the world around them.