Artist on Display

April & May: Judika Lieberman

Stop by the Visitor Center to see Judika Lieberman gallery show, her energetic abstracts in acrylic contain an echo of natural, organic and biomorphic forms.

The best part? If you love it, you can take it home! A portion of all proceeds will benefit Teatown.


Today, more than ever, Art Must Live On! As artists, we have the obligation to be the guardians of beauty, and have the responsibility to show its’ reflections to the world. My art has been influenced by Kandinsky. I believe in the interrelationship between music and art, which drive my creative inspiration and spirituality.

I strive to discover new avenues to express myself. Each piece is unique, and is musically inspired. My figurative work has been a departure from the 19th century French Impressionists, with a 21st century slant. The paint application is usually heavily impasto in texture, with a vibrant color palette, encompassing the bright end of the spectrum. All of my canvas’s come alive by using lots of color and texture in an effort to create 3-dimensionality and movement.

With this creative spirit always in my heart and mind; I hope to energize, bring joy and enrichment to my audiences for a brief interlude. The work has been reviewed and compared to Lee Krasner in “ART SPEAK” Magazine

Judika Lieberman