In the Gallery

March and April in the Gallery: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

An exhibition of botanical art featuring Corinne Lapin-Cohen with artists: Lenore M. Adams, Rochelle Auslander Phyllis Chadwick, Ann J. Goodman, Gloria Gorell, Linda Jbara, Norma Kurman, and Yona Shilling-Wiesen

A series of paintings expressing concern with the steady destruction of our environment. The pollution of air, water & soil can lead to the destruction of ecosystems, habitats and the extinction of plants & wildlife.

In the oil paintings, the plant is absent with only the memory of its color or habitat remaining. Each oil painting is detailed by drawing with sterling silver or silverpoint; which will continue to tarnish and age forever, thus making the work “alive”. The exquisitely detailed beautiful watercolor paintings remind us of the importance of preserving our natural environment and native wildflowers.