Artist on Display

January and February in the Gallery: Ed Mertz

Now on exhibit in the Visitor Center: 12 Months of Nature with Ed Mertz. Outside of Ed’s work as an engineer, he has enjoyed a lifetime of being out of doors, hiking through parks and woods, fishing, bird watching, observing all nature, and taking thousands of nature photographs. With that in mind, he has put together 12 photographs that show the diversity of nature and the change of seasons — each photograph showing a small piece of time.

A letter from the artist:


This is an exhibit showing 12 Months of Nature for Croton New York. It represents my interests in out-of-doors, nature, environment, diversity, critters we live with,
changing seasons, conservation, and photography. Since retiring and moving to Croton, I have spent many days hiking & photographing parks in Westchester County. I much enjoy watching the change of seasons. With this in mind, I have created an exhibit containing 12 seasonal photographs, attempting to show the diversity of life and a unique piece of each month. Living in Croton I observe much natural diversity. Croton Point Park is at the junction of the Croton and Hudson Rivers with much shoreline whose water is tidal and brackish. Brinton Brook Sanctuary and Teatown Lake Reservation are more inland with fresh water lakes and forested rolling hills. Cutting through several parks are power lines where the land has been cleared and much sunlight gets through. At Pruyn, a beautiful butterfly garden and native plant garden have been planted, attracting many species of insects and birds.

Additionally, I must thank many people for hiking with me, sharing experiences, showing me new places, educating me in nature and photography, and inspiring me. I could not do this alone. Instead of listing individuals, I’ll mention several organizations filled with more wonderful people than I can name. There are my Oakland Lake friends who are doing much maintaining a native meadow, Saw Mill River Audubon, Teatown, Color Camera Club of Westchester, Ossining Arts Council, Photographers of Northern Westchester, New York City Parks Dept., and Westchester County Parks Dept.

That is the story. I hope this exhibit gives you some pleasure, makes you think about nature, the environment, conservation, generates a desire to go hiking and make your own observations, and saving the planet for future generations.

Wishing everyone well,