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Backyard Wildlife: Crows and Ravens

Webinar NY

Do crows have funerals? Is seeing a raven really a bad omen? Join us as we sort fact from fiction and explore the incredible (and often mysterious) world of birds in the genus Corvus.

Backyard Wildlife: Birds of Winter

Webinar NY

Interested in learning more about birds? Winter is the perfect time to find out who's flying around your neighborhood.  Join us as we discuss bird characteristics and identification, share a few of our favorite resources, and explore how observations you make in your backyard can help scientists save migrating bird populations. For adults.

Backyard Wildlife: Tracks and Traces Webinar

Webinar NY

Learn how to read the clues wildlife leaves behind. Using tracks, chew marks, scat, and more, learn how to determine who was there, when they came through, what they ate, and are they healthy.