Teatown Sustainability Series

Living sustainably can be complicated. Do electric vehicles make sense for everyone? Will solar panels really pay for themselves? How do backyard farms work?

This spring, join local experts and your neighbors as we explore sustainability in practice.

All programs are free to attend and for adults.



April 14, 10am-1pm

How can we use our backyards to live more sustainably? Join us as we learn from local experts about gardening with native plants, backyard farming and composting, and stormwater control.

This event has passed.

Shoot-Me-Straight Solar

May 17, 6pm-7:30pm

Are you interested in going solar, but aren’t quite ready to speak with a salesperson? Seth Weintraub and other home solar users will be on-hand to discuss their experiences with solar panels and answer your questions about installing this renewable energy infrastructure in your own home.

Electric Car Show

June 2, 10am-1pm

A panel discussion and Q&A session with electric car owners will be followed by a show of several popular electric car models in the lot across from the Nature Center. This is a unique opportunity to see if an EV makes sense as your next car, without sales pressure.