2023 Camp Staff

Emily Edmonds-Langham (she/her)

 Emily joined the Teatown team as Director of Education last year after many years at the American Museum of Natural History. She’s excited to see her second summer of camp in the woods, by the streams, and across the fields of Teatown — a big change from museum dioramas! Emily is an avid birder, gardener, and outdoors person and looks forward to sharing those passions with your campers.

Marie Roche (she/her)

This is Marie’s eighth summer working at Teatown and second year as Camp Director! She is Teatown’s Associate Director of Education Programs and enjoys hiking with her husband and dog. Marie likes all things water related: sailing, rowing, and counting glass eels for the DEC. She is looking forward to an awesome Teatown summer!

Caroline Erb (she/her)

During the school year, I serve as Teatown’s Early Childhood Environmental Art Educator. As a former camper and CIT, I am so excited to be spending the summer at Cliffdale, one of many places at Teatown where I discovered my passion for nature. I love to explore and identify all the plants and animals I see around me. If you see me on the trails, I’ll likely have my field guides in hand!

Maddy Schroeder (she/her)

Hi! I’m Maddy, and I will be working closely with our youngest campers, the Discoverers and Trekkers. This summer will be a blast, as we nurture the love of nature within your child through crafts, exploration, and imaginative play.

Elissa Schilmeister (she/they)

Hello, camp! My name is Elissa. This is my 29th summer at Teatown! I started as a camper, CIT, counselor and have been on Teatown staff since I was 19. This summer, I will be working with the older groups as the Youth Science Coordinator. In addition to working at Teatown, I am a full-time Paramedic. I am particularly fond of the animals that are less appreciated, especially snakes and moths!

Trishon Watts (he/him)

Hi! My name is Trishon and I’m excited to be supporting camp at Teatown this year! I look forward to helping campers to discover more about nature through sensory investigation and exposure to the plants and animals all around them.

Alex Sorokin (he/him)

My name is Alex, and I’m the Education Intern at Teatown this summer. I’m originally from Russia, and currently studying environmental science at the University at Buffalo. I got involved in environmental education and stewardship through my love for SCUBA diving and hiking. I’m very excited to be part of Teatown to help inspire the next generations of environmentalists.

Hallie Swanson (she/her)

Hi, I’m Hallie and I’ll be returning as the EMT at camp this year. This fall, I’ll be a senior at Cornell University as a Communications major with a Climate Change minor. I look forward to having a fun and healthy summer with everyone!

Zachary Katz (he/him)

Hello, my name is Zach. I am a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh, studying expeditionary studies. My major allows me to experience and learn about many aspects of the outdoors including safety, adventure, and personal growth. I hope to share my knowledge regarding the outdoors with my campers whilst having a blast! 

Venmo: @zach-katz-7

Hiking and Activity Leaders

My name is Alma and I’m excited to be a senior counselor this summer! I went to Phillips Academy Andover and will be a freshman at Bard College this fall. In my spare time, I love hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing. I’m looking forward to exploring Teatown with our campers.

Hi! I’m Arianna and I’m a rising senior, studying environmental science at Binghamton University. I love hiking, making art, and playing frisbee. I’m really excited to have a great time with everyone this summer!

Venmo: @Arianna-Edwards-3

Hi, my name is Caera and I am a rising sophomore at UCD. I am studying geology. I love animals, rocks, and hiking. I’m really excited for summer at Teatown!

Venmo: @caeramm

Hi! My name is Catherine and I am a rising sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. I am from Manhattan, but my family has a house in Ossining. I have been working at summer camps since 2019 and babysit often. I am also an Eagle Scout, and I love hiking, camping, and exploring. I am really looking forward to meeting and working with the kids!

Hello! My name is Elle and I’m going to be an incoming freshman at UVM this fall. I’ve been going to Teatown since I was little and I’m so excited for this summer! I enjoy going to concerts, hanging with my friends, and hiking.

Hi, everyone! My name is Hana and I am so excited to be at Teatown this summer. I am from Ossining and am currently in my junior year of college at Colgate University studying Spanish and Sociology. I love to cook, hike, play with my dogs, and travel. I can not wait to explore Teatown with all of my campers!

Venmo: @Hana-Lowenthal

Hello! I’m Jenifher. I’m from Ossining and I’m currently pursuing a degree in computer information systems. It’s my first year here at Teatown, but I’ve been going to camp in Maine since I was seven. I love music, art, and my dog. I’m looking forward to an amazing summer filled with lots of exploring!

Venmo: @jenifher-chimbo

Hi! I’m Kevin and I’m a rising junior at Indiana University studying International Relations with minors in Political Science and African Studies. When not in class or hiking at Teatown, I enjoy learning French and Hebrew on Duolingo, attending IU basketball games, and participating in Model UN.

Venmo: @kmantell

This is my first year at Teatown and I am very excited to start camp. I am a rising sophomore at Syracuse University and have a huge love for animals, especially my horse and pets. I am looking forward to catching frogs, scoping out the beavers, and hiking around the lake!

I am going to be a hiking and activity leader this summer at Teatown. At Teatown, I did a stewardship internship at the end of my senior year of high school and was also a Junior Counselor in the past. I am a rising sophomore at Brandeis University, where I am planning on majoring in environmental studies. I am super excited for camp this summer.

Venmo: @mitchelljp257

Hi! My name is Nora and I am a rising sophomore at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, where I am studying environmental sciences. This is my fourth year working and my second year as a senior counselor. I am so excited to show campers all the cool spots at Teatown where we can discover and learn about our local plants and animals!

Venmo: @NoraLowrey

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am so excited to be a Hiking and Activity Leader this summer. I am from Croton and have been attending Teatown summer camp since I was six years old. This fall, I will be a senior at Skidmore College with a major in American Studies and a minor in Film. I enjoy traveling, hiking, watching movies, and spending time with my cats. My favorite Teatown trails are Hidden Valley and Lakeside. Looking forward to a great summer!

Venmo: @Ohahn

Hi! My name is Rose and I am a rising sophomore at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. I attended Teatown as a camper for several years and I’m thrilled to return this summer as a Hiking and Activity Leader. I can’t wait to get out and explore everything that Teatown has to offer!

Venmo: @rose3113

Hello, my name is Ryan. I attended Croton Harmon High School and just graduated from the University at Albany in May. I cannot wait to spend this summer with your campers at Teatown. I enjoy hiking with my dog, kayaking on the Croton river, and teaching ski lessons during the winter!

Venmo: @ryandeLasho

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I’m so excited to be back for my 10th summer at Teatown, this one being my second as a counselor. I just graduated from Ossining High School, and will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall, where I’ll be majoring in either aerospace or environmental engineering. In addition to summer camp, I’ve been a volunteer weekend educator here at Teatown for the past four years, all in all really making it a second home to me. I’m excited to not only share my love for Teatown, but passion for the environment with each camper. Looking forward to getting muddy, catching animals, and having a great summer!

Hello! My name is Zoe and I am entering into my junior year at Dickinson College. I am an English and Classical Studies double major with a focus in the Latin language. I am passionate about teaching children how to learn and have fun while outdoors. This is my third summer as a counselor at Teatown. I look forward to identifying all the mushrooms and plants we find on the trail!

Venmo: @Zoe-Malionek

Hi! My name is Will. I have spent the last seven years as a volunteer with the nearby Millwood Fire Department, where I am currently a Lieutenant. I am also currently working on obtaining my credentials as a NYS EMT. I have been coming to Teatown since I was four years old, and have worked in a variety of different positions in my many years with this amazing organization. It’s my pleasure to be here to help spread awareness and the fundamentals for ecological sustainability and help our future generations to learn how to keep our planet and local ecosystems thriving!

Venmo: @William-Field-1005

Junior Counselors

Hello, my name is Aaron! I am excited to be a Junior Counselor this summer. I am fascinated by nature and especially interested in biodiversity at Teatown. I will show campers why Teatown is so special as we explore all it has to offer!

Venmo: @AaronL57

Hi, My name is Andrew and I am a rising junior at Croton Harmon High School. I enjoy wildlife and nature and I take part in my school’s science research program. I’m extremely excited to be a Teatown Camp Counselor this summer and show the campers the wonders of nature.

Venmo: @andrew-dunefsky

Hi! My name is Ben. I’m so excited to be a counselor at Teatown this year. I am a senior at Horace Greeley High School. This will be my 12th summer at Teatown and my second year as a counselor. I can’t wait to share my passion for nature and animals with all the campers this summer.

Venmo: @Ben_fine77

Hi! My name is Bryan, and I am going into my junior year at Hendrick Hudson High School. This summer, I am going to be a Junior Counselor at Teatown. I really enjoy going hiking, and I am super excited to be working with the campers this summer!

Hello, my name is Cameron. I am an Eagle Scout and love the outdoors. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been involved in Teatown summer camp, which sparked my interest in other outdoor activities such as mountain biking and camping/backpacking. I can’t wait to share my interests with the campers and I’m looking forward to a good summer!

Hi! My name is Chloe and I am a rising junior at Lakeland High School. I am so excited to be a Junior Counselor at Teatown this year. I can’t wait to have a great summer filled with lots of fun with the campers.

Hi, my name is Jack. I am a rising freshman at Brandeis University. I love hiking, reading, music, and film. I can’t wait to meet all of your campers this summer!

Hi, my name is Tristan and I am going into my Junior year at Croton Harmon High School. I have been at Teatown every summer since I was eight years old. I am excited to be a Junior Counselor and to share my love of Teatown and nature with the next generation.

Venmo: @TristanM777

Hi, I’m Oscar, and I’m a Junior Counselor at Teatown this summer. I have been coming to Teatown since I was little and know the area very well. I also know a lot about the wildlife In the area, mostly reptiles and amphibians. I enjoy working with campers and I hope to have an exciting summer.

Venmo: @jennifer-lyne (His mom’s)

Hi! My name is Shania and I’m excited for my first year as a Junior Counselor. I did Nature Girls as a camper at Teatown when I was younger, and I will be a senior at Ossining High School in September. I am very interested in native plants and animals, and I look forward to a great summer of sharing my knowledge and learning from campers as we get muddy and have fun!

My name is Thomas and I’m a rising senior at Croton Harmon High School. I’ve been a camper at Teatown since 2013, and started working here in 2021. This will be my second year as a Junior Counselor, and I’m excited to be coming back! I plan to make this summer even more fun than last year’s, and I am excited to teach others about everything Teatown has to offer.

Venmo: @tfrazier05

Hello, my name is Matt and I am going into my junior year of high school. I am attending Iona Prep and have been coming to this camp for as long as I can remember. I am very excited for this summer!

Hello, camp families! My name is Matthew and I am a student at Pace University. I have been hiking at Teatown for almost my entire life and I am super excited to share my love of the camp with everyone! Also, if your children want to learn more about the MTA and a few Nintendo franchises, ask and you shall receive.