How many outreach programs do Teatown’s animal ambassadors do each year?

How many outreach programs do Teatown’s birds of prey do each year?

Rosalie, an eastern screech owl

The non-releasable birds of prey that call Teatown home live at Teatown for educational purposes, as they cannot be released back into the wild due to injuries sustained (typically car and hunting related injuries). These birds find a new lease on life at Teatown, where they educate the public about their species and what we can do to protect them.

Our annual federal permits require that we must log and report each educational outreach program that our birds attend. This includes where and when the program was held, and how many people were in attendance. These numbers do not include those who visit the animals passively on exhibit.

Some of our educational animals are glove-trained as animal ambassadors for outreach programs, while others cannot be safely handled in public and remain on exhibit instead, to the delight of visitors.

Between Bird of Prey, Hudson Valley Wildlife, and our other programs, our outreach birds were quite busy this year!

  • 1st: Vesta the American kestrel with 40 programs
  • 2nd: Rosalie the Screech owl with 32
  • 3rd: Blaze the Red-tailed hawk with 23
  • 4th: Orion the Great Horned owl with 20

Between outreach/in-house/raptor encounters they did about 63 meetings with attendance up from last year to 2,786!


January 11 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

In preparation for EagleFest, Teatown and the Ossining Public library are proud to present a free screening of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s new film, Bird of Prey! For everyone.