The Pancake Brunch is the culmination of a short season at Teatown. The days of silver buckets hanging from maple trees, the “ping” of sap dropping into buckets, the combined aroma of woodsmoke and sweet syrup wafting from Warren’s Sugar House, and the voices of children and adults exclaiming over the process as they witness the process of making maple syrup. This season was shorter than most for Teatown – a mere three weeks before the weather gave us an early spring!

In place of this year's Pancake Brunch, we put together this short quiz: test your knowledge on the sweetest season!

How many gallons of maple sap does it take to produce one gallon of maple syrup?

Which state produces the most maple syrup?

What is not in most Pancake syrup brands like Mrs. Butterworth’s, Log Cabin etc?

In which decade did the Pancake Brunch begin at Teatown?

How old does a maple tree have to be before it can be tapped for its sap?