Preserve Use Guidelines

Teatown’s trails are open from dawn to dusk. We encourage responsible use and contemplative enjoyment of the preserve. To this end, we ask that you carry out your trash, keep dogs on leashes, clean up after dogs, remain on the marked trails, and respect other visitors.  Please observe wildlife from a distance and leave plants in place.  Hiking, birding, nature study, and personal photography are welcome.

Please feel free to report trail problems. In the case of an emergency while you are on the preserve, please call 911.

The following activities are prohibited at Teatown:

  • Littering
  • Swimming
  • Vandalism
  • Traveling off of marked trails
  • Use of motorized vehicles
  • Use of bicycles
  • Horseback riding
  • Allowing dogs off-leash
  • Leaving dog waste behind
  • Feeding the wildlife
  • Collection, disturbance, or removal of rocks, plants, or animals
  • Camping
  • Overnight use
  • Fires
  • Fishing (without explicit approval from Teatown)
  • Hunting (outside of Teatown’s regulated deer management program)
  • Scientific research (without explicit approval from Teatown)
  • Rock climbing and rappelling
  • Loud electronics
  • Recreation that disturbs other visitors
  • Use of drones or other aerial models from Teatown property (without explicit approval from Teatown)

Special Use Guidelines:

Visits by Large Groups

Groups larger than 8 people are required to notify Teatown in advance of their visit.  There is a charge of $5/person for large groups.  Please call the front desk at (914)762-2912 ext. 111 or email to make arrangements.

Commercial Photography

Any commercial use of the preserve must be approved in advance by Teatown.  Please contact Karina Tarnawsky, Associate Director of Events and External Relations, at (914)762-2912 ext. 123 or at to make arrangements.