Teatown Parking Policy

Parking tags are required daily, year round, from 9am to 5pm. Non-members attending public programs are required to pay for parking.


Hang your free annual parking pass on your rear-view mirror.

You may pick up your member parking pass in the Visitor Center which is open 9am – 5pm, seven days a week with the exception of major holidays.


Non-members must purchase a daily parking receipt ($7 per car) from the parking station.

Display your parking receipt on the driver’s side of your dashboard.

Members will always park free.

We deeply appreciate the support of our members, who will always enjoy free parking at Teatown.

Teatown has a greater impact than ever before—but this impact comes with a cost.

We now protect over 1,000 acres and reach over 20,000 individuals per year with our environmental education programming. The costs of hiring staff and educators, improving our facilities, and caring for the non-releasable wildlife that call Teatown home are significant for a non-profit of our size.

As a community-supported nonprofit, our environmental educational programming and preserve are largely funded by people like you. We appreciate your support as we continue to grow.

Please do not park on the roads.

Parking on Spring Valley and Blinn Road is prohibited. The roads are extremely narrow and there is no shoulder.

Questions or comments?

(914) 762-2912 x111