Teatown Dog Policy

Your dog is welcome – If you follow the rules.

To maximize enjoyment of our preserve and minimize impacts to the natural resources, we require that:

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Owners must bag dog waste and dispose of in a trash receptacle.
  • Professional dog walkers with more than 2 dogs are not allowed.

Those who don’t respect these posted rules also violate local town ordinances that could result in fines or an animal’s impoundment.
If people continue breaking the rules, everyone could lose the privilege of bringing dogs to Teatown. That’s why we encourage visitors to remind fellow dog owners about the importance of abiding by our policies.
Teatown retains the right to ban from the preserve overly and/or consistently aggressive dogs.

Leash Your Dog

  • Unleashed dogs can become lost and encounter Lyme ticks, snakes, other dogs, rabid animals or coyotes.
  • Unleashed dogs can harass or injure wildlife and other dogs.
  • Unleashed dogs intimidate other visitors, depriving them of the peace our preserve provides.
  • A leashed dog’s keen sense can alert its owner to nearby wildlife or other hikers.

Clean Up Dog Waste

  • Dog waste carries diseases to which young children are especially susceptible.
  • Dog waste takes the joy out of outdoor activities – kids play on the grass and in the leaves, families enjoy picnicking and school groups participate in outdoor programs.
  • Dog waste can wreak havoc on the ecosystem, the natural beauty people come to enjoy.
  • Dog waste has been shown to raise harmful bacteria levels in nearby ponds and streams.
  • Bagging but not removing your dog’s waste is almost worse as now you’re leaving plastic and waste on the trails.