In Memory of Adma D’Heurle

In Memory of Adma D’Heurle

Photo: Mark Vergari, Journal News. Used with permission.

Acknowledged for her inspired teaching, intelligence, and willingness to give back, Adma D’Heurle passed away in her Teatown area home on October 19 at the age of 95.

The Lebanon native obtained her bachelor’s degree at American University in Beirut, followed by a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Smith College. Later, she received a PhD at the University of Chicago. Being one of the four founders of Mercy College, Adma was honored as an Outstanding Mentor and a Distinguished Professor at the Institution.

Adma’s late husband, Francios D’Heurle, was an IBM emeritus scientist at T.J. Watson Research Center.

She was a mother to three sons and a grandmother to six grandchildren.

Adma and her family possessed a special love for Teatown. In 2004 she and her husband donated 17 acres of land in its entirety to our Teatown’s preserve.

Below we have posted words of remembrance from some of those close to Adma, her late husband Francois, and to Teatown. If you would like to include a quote, please email it to Austin at

It feels like an end of an era. When I think of Spring Valley Road, I can’t help but remember Adma and Francois walking along the edge of the lake. It was always so fun and interesting to visit them in their beautiful red house up their long, long driveway. They were both so warm and intelligent and devoted to our neighborhood.

-Dorry Swope

Adma and Francois were truly marvelous people. They were dedicated to education, science and world peace. They loved the Teatown area and raised three wonderful sons on Spring Valley Road. They served as mentors and role models for the neighborhood kids, who could always find a sympathetic ear, good conversation and a great meal at their home. The donation of the back 17 acres of their property for conservation by Teatown Lake Reservation is a tribute to their world vision and an example for all of us. They not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. Of course we will miss them but hopefully will draw inspiration from their lives.

-Larry Provost