Holidaze Mini Camp 2016

Holidaze mini-camp was a blast! We brought our energy and excitement from the holidays and had a great time at Teatown.

On our morning hikes we observed daily changes on the trails from frozen ground to squishy, squelchy mud that caked our shoes and pants. We hiked off our holiday treats while discovering animal tracks, opossum scat, and seeds from leafless trees.

In the afternoons we read books to learn how different animals have prepared for the upcoming winter and met various animal ambassadors like turtles, rabbits, and ferrets. Once our legs were rested, we headed back outdoors to our favorite spots to play Camouflage amongst the trees. In the Pine Forest we built forts, but not until after we had uncovered a young pine tree that we swore to protect.

Retelling our favorite parts of the day, we headed inside for hot chocolate and snack. Come nighttime, we all slept sound awaiting our next days at camp!

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