Your gift to Teatown on #GivingTuesday will make an impact, no matter the size.

Biodiversity encompasses the variety of life on earth, including plants, animals, and microorganisms. We recognize that each and every organism – no matter the size – plays an important role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

For the last 60 years, we have made it our mission at Teatown to inspire our community to lifelong environmental stewardship in an effort to conserve the biodiversity of our region and support the living things that call our 1,000 acres home.

Support our mission by giving today!

Hazel says your contribution of $30 could help provide our Environmental Educators with new supplies to further enrich our after-school programs and weekend public programs.

Pistachio says your contribution of $60 could help provide our Animal Ambassadors with nutritious food and enrichment, so they can continue to be part of our educational programming.

Hemlock says that your contribution of $90 (or more!) can help our Science and Stewardship Team continue to conduct their research and maintain the 1,000-acre preserve we all know and love.