Every oak tree at Teatown started out as an acorn. The forest ecosystem is a delicate balance, and each component, no matter how small or large, plays an important role. The Teatown community is not unlike the forest ecosystem; we are comprised of members, volunteers, donors, neighbors, friends, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages; each playing an important role in making Teatown the place we all treasure.

Each person who walks our trails, enjoys the views, shares their stories, observes wildlife, and comes back again and again with new generations, are the foundation for what makes this preserve a special place. We hope that Teatown is a place where you can relax from the stressors of the world, recharge your mind and body, become inspired to create art or take environmental action within your community, or simply enjoy the fresh air.

For #GivingTuesday this year, consider donating to Teatown. Each $30 gift allows future generations the chance to make their own memories at our preserve and helps sustain our work of environmental preservation in Westchester County.

Your donation at the Acorn level ($30) could provide our animals with nutritious food and enrichment.

Your donation at the Seedling level ($60) could help provide our stewardship team with necessary tools for land management and science research.

Your donation at the Oak tree level ($90+) could provide our Educators the tools to produce new public programs for our community, to encourage future generations to become lifelong environmental stewards.