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Seminar: Connecting Conservation to Global and Local Sustainability

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

Teatown’s Dr. Amy Karpati will kick off the Fall Sustainability Series with an introductory presentation entitled “Connecting Conservation to Global and Local Sustainability.” Dr. Karpati will talk about sustainability from a biological conservation perspective, the conservation issues we face at Teatown, and the importance of Teatown’s work within the context of regional sustainability. For adults.

Seminar: Self-Organization, Co-Evolution, Resiliency and Stability

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

Tom Wessels will discuss the sustainability lessons humans can learn from natural ecosystems in a presentation entitled “Self-organization, Co-evolution, Resiliency and Stability.”  This talk will describe how complexity and interdependence develops within natural systems, resulting in energy efficiency, resilience, and stability. The talk will then show how this process is a wonderful model for creating sustainable human systems. For adults.

Seminar: Sustainability in the Age of Mass Extinction and Isolationism

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

Join one of the leading scientists in our area, Dr. Shahid Naeem, as he addresses the importance of biodiversity to sustainability and whether mass extinction can be ended in an age of isolationism. For adults.

Climate Change Symposium

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

This program will address one of the most critical modern sustainability issues: climate change. The program will feature individual talks by three eminent speakers in the field of climate change. For adults.

Climate Change and Our Food System

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

Come learn from Pace University’s Dr. Melanie Dupuis and Davis Lindsey from Stone Barns about a sustainability issue we interact with every day: our food.

Backyard Sustainability Workshop

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

How can we use our backyards to live more sustainably? This workshop will feature presentations by local experts on gardening with native plants, backyard farming and composting, green infrastructure for stormwater control.

Shoot-Me-Straight Solar

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

Are you interested in going solar, but aren’t quite ready to speak with a salesperson? Seth Weintraub and other home solar users will be on-hand to discuss their experiences with solar panels and answer your questions about installing this renewable energy infrastructure in your own home. For adults.

Electric Car Show

Teatown 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining, NY

A panel discussion and Q&A session with electric car owners will be followed by a show of several popular electric car models in the lot across from the Nature Center. This is a unique opportunity to see if an EV makes sense as your next car, without sales pressure. For adults.