Try It with Teatown is a new initiative that invites you to become part of a community of environmental stewards working to make a difference in our community and beyond.

From October to December we will take aim at waste reduction and conscious consumerism, exploring the concept of zero waste and the steps we can take toward a sustainable lifestyle.

How to participate

1. Take the Zero Waste Pledge

Take the pledge at the bottom of this page to enter into the project and sign up to receive a bi-weekly Zero-Waste Update Email.

2. Join the Zero Waste Facebook Group

Post about ways that you are reducing waste, to give ideas and facilitate discussion with others. Find the group here.

3. Send us content that you would like included in the email newsletter

Send pictures and/or descriptions of creative ways that you are reducing your waste to Nadya at to have your content featured in the biweekly Zero-Waste Update Email sent to other participants. You can be credited as public or anonymous.

4. Join us for a Zero-Waste Gift Wrapping program

We will be “wrapping” up Try It with Teatown with a Gift Wrapping Program on December 9 and a raffle draw. More event details and raffle prizes will be announced soon.

The Pledge

I pledge to be mindful of my consumption of single-use items and to adopt at least two of the following practices:

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