Spring Appeal 2019

Yes! I support the care of Teatown’s animal ambassadors and Teatown’s stewardship of the environment.

Dear friends,

Teatown is home to more than 60 “animal ambassadors,” from raptors to reptiles to mammals. Each plays an important role as we teach 20,000 children and adults a year about our natural world and the urgent need to protect it. The animals in our care are non-releasable due to permanent injuries from accidents or mistreatment, or they are imprinted on humans. Veterinary care is an integral part of our operating budget, but some of our animals require extra care, meaning expensive visits to highly specialized veterinarians.

This was the case with Rogue, our spunky Red-Shouldered Hawk.

Rogue has lived at Teatown since 2011. Her feisty voice is heard around the Raptor Loop and she has won over many audiences. For the past four years, Rogue has laid an egg each spring. However, two years ago Rogue began the nesting process in mid-winter, pulling a “brood patch” (basically, de-feathering her chest) and also exhibiting some personality changes. We brought her to an avian specialist on Long Island who did blood work, a CT scan, and a sonogram and determined that Rogue was “egg-bound” — an egg had formed that she was unable to pass. This potentially life-threatening condition was only averted because the avian specialist had the knowledge and equipment to treat her. Thanks to this specialist, Rogue avoided dangerous and invasive surgery and was able to come home on a strict diet, antibiotics, pain medications, and calcium supplements.

This past winter, Rogue started displaying signs of egg-laying again. Once again we took her to Long Island to see the avian specialist. After blood work, x-rays, and a sonogram the decision was made to try to regulate her hormones and stop the feather-plucking with a hormonal implant. Rogue is doing better now, but the implant must be replaced by the veterinarian every six months.

Rogue is only one of our beloved animal ambassadors who need specialized care:

  • Our aging ferrets often require medications for insulinoma and renal problems.
  • Our hognose snake requires injectable antibiotics and anti-fungal medication.
  • One of our rabbits is prone to blocked tear ducts, and visits an eye specialist monthly who clears the blockage.
  • Our opossums need arthritis medication and dietary supplements.
  • Our barred owl suffered a lacerated third eyelid, which meant a trip to one eye specialist for treatment and to a second specialist for minor surgery.

We need your generous support to help fund the budget that provides for ongoing veterinary care for our raptors, turtles, snakes, ferrets, possums, rabbits, and all the wonderful animals entrusted to our care. Please make your donation to Teatown today. Whatever your gift — $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or at any level that feels significant to you — you will help us continue our mission of inspiring our community to lifelong stewardship of the environment. And you will help us keep these animals healthy so they can continue to play their important roles in our environmental education programs.

With heartfelt thanks and kind regards,

Kevin Carter
Executive Director

Teatown Lake Reservation is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization; your donation is fully tax deductible as specified by IRS laws.