Spring Appeal 2018

Yes! I support the protection and care of Teatown’s 1,000-acre preserve.

Dear friends,

Teatown’s 1,000 acre preserve and 15 miles of hiking trails is a sanctuary not only for the flora and fauna but for thousands of people in our community. Each year more than 20,000 people like you hike our trails with family and friends. It is your continued support and engagement with Teatown that keeps our preserve alive and well.

This winter our trails and preserve were hit hard by the succession of storms we all experienced. In particular, we had an extensive amount of downed trees and limbs. While we do our best to budget for storm damage, we could not anticipate the number of downed trees requiring removal by professionals. Much additional staff time is necessary for inspection of the property, clearing of trails and general clean up around the preserve—work which will continue well into the spring.

We need your help to recoup these unanticipated costs so that our spring budget for preserve and trail maintenance, repairs and upgrades is not jeopardized. Some of the projects which may have to be cut are: the replacement of Bailey Brook Bridge, the building of additional boardwalks to minimize impact to sensitive areas, and the installation of drainage to limit erosion in several areas on or near Lakeside trail.

Give your gift today! Please help us recover these costs and keep us on track with our preserve and trail maintenance plans for spring. Your gift will directly support the protection and care of this sanctuary where you can regularly come to connect with the natural world and find your aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

Thank you in advance and with kind regards,

Kevin Carter
Executive Director

Teatown Lake Reservation is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization; your donation is fully tax deductible as specified by IRS laws.