Magnolia x ‘Elizabeth’


In 1977, the Kitchawan Brooklyn Botanic Garden Research Station introduces Yellow-Flowering Magnolias to the world.

Named for Elizabeth Van Brunt whose family donated 226 acres of Kitchawan Farm in 1956 for the creation of the BBG Research Station where its world-famous magnolia hybrid breeding program was developed.

“A New Type of Magnolia is Born” NY Times
“Yellow Magnolia is Star at Kitchawan” Patent Trader
“What’s In A Name? A Magnolia by any other name would not be Elizabeth” Patent Trader
“Color it Yellow and Call it Elizabeth” Patent Trader

“I love yellow-flowering magnolias. One of my favorites is Magnolia x ’Elizabeth’… It makes my heart skip a beat.”
Jan Johnsen, author of Gardentopia, Serenity in the Garden blog and Teatown Neighbor