Volunteer Spotlight

Julian Bruno

Teens in Teatown

Julian is a senior at Somers High School who began volunteering in 2016 when he joined Teatown’s Teens in Teatown (TNT) volunteer group. Since joining, he has dedicated over 100 hours caring for our ferret animal ambassadors. In addition to working with Teatown’s animals, Julian is a passionate ambassador for Teatown. Often volunteering at outreach events and Teatown’s special events, Julian goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Teatown is grateful to have a dedicated and caring teen like Julian.

Thank you for your great work!

“He shows a level of maturity and responsibility that makes us confident all of the animals he helps care for are in great hands. Animal care takes a special kind of person who can be compassionate, responsible and not be afraid to get dirty. Julian is all of this and more! He takes the time to learn about every animal species and the individual animal as well. He is always finding new ways to organize and clean up to make our lives just a little bit easier. He is the first one to offer a helping hand and does it with a smile on his face. The animal care staff and animals at Teatown consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work with Julian on a weekly basis.”

Lisa Kelly
Teatown Animal Care Supervisor