Pre-K – Kindergarten Field Trips

Teatown offers a variety of nature classes for the youngest learners, whose curiosity and sense of discovery is nurtured in hands-on, developmentally appropriate programs, that encourage students to learn by doing.

(1 hour)

Nature’s engineers, beavers have made a comeback in the Northeast.  In this STEM program students will observe how the beavers return has made an impact on the Teatown landscape, view a beaver lodge, understand how beavers change their environment to meet their needs, and engineer and test their own beaver dams

(1 hour)
Wake up the senses with excursions designed for the youngest explorers. Through creative movement, short hikes and hands–on encounters, children will learn about seasonal changes and explore the living and non-living components of the local landscape.

(1 hour)
Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, oh my! We share the world with a variety of unique fascinating creatures. In this dynamic program, the fundamentals of animal classification and adaptation are discussed using mounts and live animals from Teatown’s collection. Students are given the opportunity to touch the animals to develop respect for animal life.